Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

VoC is feedback about your customer’s experience with your product or service. Voice of the Customer helps businesses better understand the needs and expectations of their customers – while also improving their products and services.

Our VoC programmes recognise and respond to the customer’s voice in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies struggle to obtain feedback because:

  • An inability to capture the customer experience across multiple touchpoints.
  • The incentive offered to obtain the feeback is not suffice.
  • Limited channels through which feedback is obtained.
  • Meaningful analysis of the data captured.

That’s why our methods include:

  • Ability to hear what your customers care about across multiple platforms.
  • Capabilities to capture feedback in real-time to allow prompt reaction and resolution.
  • Immediate escalation ability to reduce customer churn rates.
  • Analysis of customer feedback combined with shop data to identify areas to improve.